About us

Our company has been specializing in development and production of display lighting decors for Christmas interior and exterior lighting since 1993.

We belong to the greatest producers of lighting decors in Europe.  98% of our production has been realized abroad (European, Canadian, American market).

The company processes are managed with-in the quality management system ISO 9001:2008.
The production is equipped with the modern CNC technology which provides the highest innovative activity and fast adjustment to the market requirements whereby the high level of production is kept.

We have participated in creating the Christmas ceremonies in many significant cities in Europe such as Paris, Monaco, London, Vienna, Madrid, Dublin, Prague, Marseille Roma …

We are now using our experiences and know-how throughout 20 years in development of new generation of Christmas decors iLun. Create a wonderful Christmas time for your home and beloved family with Christmas Decor iLun.

Our awards, honorable mentions and certificates: