Metal production

Professional production from metal, stainless steel, aluminium:

1. Cutting by laser

We have 2 laser cutting centres with 3kW fibre source. Both centers have also unit for cutting of closed
profiles and tubes.
Working dimensions of machines are for sheets 1500×3000 mm and 2000×4000 mm.
Working dimensions for closed profiles and tubes are diameters 20-200 mm with max. length 6000 mm.

2. Bending of sheets

We have 3 press brakes from TRUMPF company 7036, 3066 and 5170, which allowed to bend sheets with max. width 4250 mm.
In relation to the possibility to cutting by laser, we bend sheets with max. width 4000 mm

3. Bending of wires

We have 2 pcs of 3D CNC bending centers from Numalliance company. Wires we are bending in diameters 2,5 – 14 mm with tensity 600 N/mm2

4. Robotized welding workplace

We have two welding robots which operates uniaxial and biaxial table.
The production of the welding tools is secured by ourselves.

5. Welding

Welding workshop has area 500 m2 and there are 15 welding workplaces. In workshop is distribution of pure argon and mix argon.
We weld by methods TIG, MIG, MAG, steel, stainless steel and aluminium

6. Robotized grinding

We have a grinding robot that operates a single-axis and two-axis table.
We provide the design and production of grinding products ourselves.
This workplace ensures: better products quality, faster grinding and expands grinding capacity.

7. Grinding

Grinder room has needful pneumatic and electric hand tools.

8. Resistance welding

We have 7 resistance (spot) welding machines. Two most powerful have 320 kWA and 250 kVA and remaining machines are less.
We are welding on them steel and wire program.

9. Sandblasting technology

Now, we are introducing new industrial sandblasting technology into the production.
We will be able to prepare surface of parts in accordance with all quality requirements before surface treatment.
And managed sandblasting with minimum time distance from other surface treatments to secure corrosion resistance.

10. Milling, turning and surface treatment

We ensure them by another suppliers.

11. Production process innovation

During the year 2022, we plan to implement in the production process
– FIBER LASER 6kW – Working dimensions of the machine are 1500x3000mm, with the ability to modify the power distribution in the laser beam – change the transverse power profile, thus achieving the ability to cut larger thicknesses, better quality and smoothness of the cutting edges, increase cutting accuracy.
– DOUBLE-SIDED BLANKING AND ROUNDING CNC CENTER – designed for parts after laser cutting, thanks to which is created the conditions for achieving a better surface treatment.