Metal production

Professional production from metal, stainless steel, aluminium:

Laser sheet cutting:

  • max dimensions 2100 x 4100 mm
  • laser cutting of steel 20 mm
  • laser cutting of stainless steel 10 mm
  • laser cutting of aluminium 10 mm
  • laser cutting of zinc metal sheets 5 mm

Laser tube cutting:

  • laser cutting of tubes with diameters from 30 mm to 200 mm and max. length 6000 mm
  • laser cutting of closed profiles – 16×16 up to 200×200 with max. length 6000 mm
  • laser engraving

Press braking of sheet metal by TruBend 7036, TruBend 3066, TruBend 5170 press brakes – the maximum length of 4000 mm :

  • steel sheet
  • aluminum sheet
  • stainless steel sheet
  • galvanized sheet

Bending of wires on CNC 3D bender Robomac 310 NG a Robomac 214 TF:

  • diameters of wires 2,5 – 14 mm for maximum tensity 660 N/mm2

Professional resistance spot welding and butt welding of plates and wires of steel and stainless steel (inox).

Professional shielded welding of metal structures and cabinets (made-to-order) under argon and CO2 mixargon + CO2 by TIG and MIG methods of steel, stainless steel (inox) and aluminum.

Specialized manufacturing (production) wire program:

  • covers for fans
  • stainless steel baskets for medical purposes (stainless steel basket)